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Listening to different music and dressing differently from the mainstream doesn’t make you alternative. If you’re misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, closed minded, judgmental, and generally lack maturity and empathy then you’re just like everyone else.

So many punks, Goths, metal people, and allegedly “alternative” people are just as bigoted and disgusting as everyone else. You’re Not alternative. You’re just a different flavor of asshole.

« Listen, Erik. Since the first moment my mind touched yours, I knew there was something special inside of you. I don’t usually dive into the sea to save strangers. Now, I hope I am not being reckless with the words I am about to say: I just think you are worthy of any good word and admiration. I felt your pain, your sorrow, and I would be insincere if I told you that this didn’t have a role in my initial affection; that alone, though, couldn’t explain the way I feel, right now, about you. But even then, how can you explain a storm without seeing it? How can you explain a fire if it hasn’t burnt you? You cannot, my friend. Erik, I love you. I’ve fallen for you, so deeply that I can’t get out of it. I am sorry if this sentence is so repeatedly used that it doesn’t hold anymore the immense feeling it should transmit. But it is what it is – I love you. » (x)

(Source: marvel-slash-geek)

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